Movie Review: Jingle All The Way

1996’s Jingle All The Way is a Christmas Staple in the Xennial Cinephile’s household.  As an 80s kid, I am an Arnold Schwarzenegger fan.  I have seen all of his movies from back then.  On a few occasions, Arnold switched from action to comedy.  Jingle All the Way is one of his best comedic outings.  Arnold plays Howard, a father who has become too busy to spend time with his family and is left on Christmas  Eve searching for his son’s Christmas present because he was too focused on work.  Howard is teamed up with Myron, a postal employee who is also seeking the toy.  Myron is played by 1980s and 1990s comic Sinbad.  For you millennials, you may need to look up Sinbad.  He was famous for a hot second.  Howard and Myron battle out the whole movie searching for the toy all the while, Howard is missing out on spending Christmas Eve with his son.  As an added bonus, the late Phil Hartman plays the nosy neighbor who is trying to put the moves on Howard’s wife and uses his recent behavior as rational.  We also have other standard character actors from this time:  Jim Belushi, Martin Mull, and WWE’s the Big Show.

Critical Commentary:  The story is not original but very entertaining.  As a child, my parents did this all the time.  They were the Christmas Eve crew.  I got two Nintendo’s one year because they both were hunting down that year’s biggest toy.  Unfortunately, they didn’t let me keep both.  I just really enjoy when Arnold decides to switch it up and play a comedic role as well as the gift of Phil Hartman who is hilarious in everything he did.  Also for you young kids, look up Sinbad.  He was a cast member in a great show called A Different World.  He also had a few family-friendly movies, one of which stars Phil Hartman:  House Guest, The First Kid, and Necessary Roughness. And if you’re a music lover, Sindad used to host this big 70s soul music fest in the Caribbean when I was a teen.  I used to think when I was older, I would go.  My parents raised me on that music.


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