The Xennial Cinephile


Welcome to the home of the Then Xennial Cinephile.  First let me explain who I am.  The title:

Xennial – One is born during the time from between Generation X and the Millennial Generation.  We are born in the late 70’s or early 80’s.  We are able to remember a world before the information age but have been able to acclimate to the digital age as easy as Millennial’s.

Cinephile –  Someone who is fond of films.

Me – Child of the late 70s, but consider myself a child of the 80s.  My first film experience was the film Popeye that I watched at an old theater on a military base in the city of Atlanta.  Since then, I would assume I have seen thousands of films and have never stopped enjoying movies.

The Xennial Cinephile – This blog will be a place where I share my love affair with film and television media.  I will provide reviews, insights, and information about the films or shows that I watch, have seen, and plan to watch.  I would like this to be interactive so please leave comments and any feedback you would like.



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